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Because Panasonic is the world’s leading supplier of digital video products…

When it comes to electronics, we know you have a lot of choices, yet every year, millions of people choose Panasonic over all the other brands. Everyone has their own reasons why, but here are a few that we think are important.

Quality products

Panasonic built their reputation by making products that last.Their dedication to quality, innovation and value reveals itself in everything they make. If you’ve got an old boom box in the basement that just won’t quit playing, chances are it’s a Panasonic!


Panasonic has been there for over forty years, and will continue to innovate well into the future. Panasonic endeavors to become a “Customer Value Creation Company” that provides safety, security, comfort and convenience in line with Panasonic’s visions of contributing to a ubiquitous networking society and co-existing with the global environment. When you buy Panasonic today, rest assured they will be there to support you tomorrow.

Products that easily integrate with each other

Panasonic makes so many different kinds of products, it usually surprises people. What’s even better is how they all work so well together. For example, many items have an SD memory card slot, so you can swap music, photos, video and more with a card about the size of a postage stamp.

We make products people want

Panasonic’s products do not just come out of some R&D lab, although we do plenty of R&D. They ask people like you about your needs and wants. They listen. Then they build from there. Panasonic ends up with products and features that actually help you get more out of your life. Panasonic believes in this approach so much, they even changed their logo

What could be better than that?

Panasonic didn’t become one of the world’s leading electronics brands by accident. There are millions of happy Panasonic owners who can attest to that!

Hybrid IP-PBX System

The Hybrid IP-PBX offers the ultimate solution for your office in the digital age by synthesizing voice and data to give a low-cost intelligent communications environment.


  • Up to 12 Lines
  • 24 Extensions
  • 28 Portable Handsets


  • Up to 64 Lines
  • 128 Extensions
  • 128 Portable Handsets


  • Up to 128 Lines
  • 256 Extensions
  • 128 Portable Handsets