Business Communications Solutions

Everything from ordering your phone lines and features to purchasing, installing and maintaining your phone system will be done efficiently and economically by SB/Atlantic.

We will help you determine the best phone system for your needs. We offer small key systems with one to four lines for home office and start-up companies to larger PBX systems with unlimited scalability and Internet based systems (VOIP) for customers with multiple locations or employees working offsite.

network cable wiring

Network Cable Wiring

Network cable wiring provides small businesses with a robust and dependable networking solution, supporting their technological needs and facilitating seamless business operations.

business phone systems

Business Phone Systems

Phone systems play a pivotal role in the success and efficiency of businesses by facilitating seamless communication both internally and externally.

VOIP & business Internet

VoIP & Internet Solutions

With VoIP and internet solutions, small businesses can streamline communication, reduce costs, and leverage technology to compete more effectively in today's digital marketplace.

Video Security Solutions

Video Security Solutions

By enhancing overall security and enabling proactive monitoring, video security systems empower both homeowners and small business owners to protect their property, assets, and loved ones more effectively.